Accounting services

  • Accounting services complex starting from processing of primary documents to preparation of final reports
  • Staff accounting: calculation of salary, preparation of orders related to staff
  • Registration of advanced payments
  • Registration of bank documents
  • Accounting of long-term assets
  • Accounting of inventory
  • Calculation and registration of salary
  • Calculation and registration of taxes
  • Accounting of warehouses
  • Preparation of company’s inner documents
  • Preparation of documents required for VAT refund
  • Accounting of petrol
  • Representation of clients in inspecting institutions
  • Consulting


If your company’s accountancy was not kept for some time or if you want to make sure that the company’s accountancy is held by the valid Lithuanian legislation, please contact us. Our experienced accountants will handle your company’s abandoned accountancy, correct the existing errors and consult regarding accounting and tax issues. We assume total responsibility for our provided services right after you entrust your accountancy to us.


The service of a senior accountant is intended for companies, who have an accountant performing simple accounting operations within the company. The service of a senior accountant includes payroll, check of the primary documents and submission of declarations and preparation of the financial reports.