Companies establishment

We will quickly establish a new company: we will form the authorized capital, reserve your selected company name. If it is necessary, we will provide registration address for the company. We will prepare all the establishment documents of the company, represent your interests at the notary and the Register of legal entities. We will order a company stamp and open company’s bank account.

Establishment of the company takes up to 4 working days.

Price of the company (not a VAT payer) with an authorised capital of 2,500 euros is 300 euros. If you sign a contract for the provision of accounting services with us, price of the company (JSC or SP) is 190 euros.

We establish the following legal entities of various legal forms:

  • Joint Stock Company (JSC);
  • Small partnership (SM);
  • Public limited liability company (PLLC);
  • State enterprise (SE);
  • Individual enterprise (sole proprietorship) (IE);
  • General partnership (GP);
  • Limited partnership (LP);
  • Association;
  • Charity and support fund;
  • Legal entity’s subsidiary and representative office.