Selling of the company

We sell newly established companies (JSC) which have not performed any actions. We prepare the documents of sale-purchase within one working day without any additional expenses. It is a solution for those who want to purchase a joint-stock company (JSC) in the shortest period of time and want to start their activity immediately.

We always have available companies (both – VAT and companies which are not VAT payers). Companies have not performed any actions and have no liabilities.

Price of a newly established company (not a VAT payer) with an authorised capital of 2,500 euros is 300 euros.

If necessary, we can represent your company registering VAT code. Price for the registration is 80 euros. If you sign a contract for the provision of accounting services with us, price of a newly established company (JSC) will be you only 190 euros. Price for accountancy per month starts from 65 euros.

Ask us directly about currently available companies, the list changes every day.